Who We Are

Founded in 2002, Iluminho – Instalações Elétricas, Lda, headquartered in Braga, has
as main activity the execution of low voltage electrical installations,
telecommunications and security systems.

With sustained growth over time, it has
become a reference and trustworthy company in this market segment, holder of
construction permit No. 52655 with 4th category, 1st 2nd 4th and 9th Subcategories, of
Class 4.


Intervention in several areas such as industry, commerce and housing

We strongly invest on the national market with intervention in several areas, such as, industry, commerce and housing. We are also present in the foreign market. We are also present in the foreign market. At European level, we execute works in Spain, England and Italy. We are also present in the African market, consolidating our internationalization strategy, and to where we export all types of electrical equipment for the execution of works: in 2008 we opened an activity in Angola (Luanda), where we have a consolidated work team; in 2012 we entered the market for electrical installations in Mozambique (Maputo).
Rigor, experience, professionalism, training, team spirit, and total dedication to each project are the main characteristics of our professionals.
We adapt to the demands of the market, always with a focus on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, promoting a good business relationship.